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Agnieszka Radwanska is a former professional Polish tennis player who played right-handed with a two-handed backhand. She started playing tennis at the age of four when her father introduced her to the sport. Her favourite shot is the forehand and her favourite surface to play on is the grass.

  • Born - 6th March 1989 (Kraków, Poland)
  • Coach - Tomasz Wiktorowski
  • Height - 1.72m (5' 8")
  • Grand Slams won (0)
  • Nationality - Polish
  • Turned pro - April 2005

She played her first WTA tournament at the 2006 J&S Cup (later known as the Warsaw Open) in Warsaw.

First WTA singles title

She won her 1st WTA title in 2007 in Stockholm.

Radwańska was voted the WTA's fans favourite singles player for five consecutive years (2011 - 2015) by the public.

In July 2012 she achieved a career-high singles ranking of world No 2.



Goals were:

  • To win a Grand Slam title and become the No. 1 player in the world.

Aga pictured in 2019.

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Agnieszka Radwanska is the fans favourite.

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Off the court

She speaks Polish and English, and studies tourism at Polish Sport University in Krakow.

Favourite -

  • Actress - Nicole Kidman
  • Artists - Green Day, Black Eyed Peas & Eminem 
  • Author - Dorota Terakowska
  • City - Paris





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