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Topic - Grand Slams, women's tennis.

Here we go on and on, 3 sets for the women! When this will change to make it grand slam special? Lose the first set and your chance are down the drain. I read a little about it and saw some arguments stating that "money" 3 sets is a winner. "Speed" is also a winner, some of us don't want to spend too much time watching, It's inconvenient...Soon 'fast four' could be the norm! It would be just like reading a novel 'a la' Reader Digest! But 4 tournaments a year that should be special are just ordinary, yes like other tournaments you lose 2 sets and it's over for you and the spectators. Is it really what we want? I have heard many women who believe their gender are able to play 5 sets. And I also believe Tennis should be able to design Grand Slam for women in a way they would not play less than 3 sets.

Posted by MickMMM on the 12th of September 2018.