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Laura Robson is a British tennis player. Laura turned professional in 2008. She plays left-handed (two-handed backhand). Laura was born in Australia and at the very young age of 18 months relocated to Singapore, then moved to the United Kingdom at age six. She also starting playing tennis at the age of 6. 

Her parents introduced her to tennis by taking her to a local tennis club in Singapore.

  • Born - January 21, 1994 (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Height - 1.8m (5ft 11)
  • Nationality - British
  • Residence - London (United Kingdom)

WTA Newcomer of the year

Laura Robson was named WTA Newcomer of the year in 2012.


Laura on the left, with Katie Boulter on the right.

The video is on TikTok.

The latest Laura Robson news

4th of September 2020 - Laura is currently commentating on the US Open for Amazon Prime Video.

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Off the court - 

Laura's favourite city is New York, as there is continuous action going on everywhere, brilliant restaurants and the city is great for shopping.

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