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Mónica Puig is a professional Puerto Rican tennis player. She was introduced to tennis by her mother Astrid. Monica plays right-handed (two handed back-hand) and won her 1st WTA Title at Strasbourg in 2014.

  • Born - September 27th 1993 (Hato Rey, Puerto Rico)
  • Height - 1.7m (5ft 7 inches)
  • Nationality - Puerto Rican


Mónica won the women's singles final against Angelique Kerber in the 2016 Rio Olympics to claim a gold medal. (Feel free to watch the video on this page).

  • Monica Puig was named the best female athlete of the 2016 Rio Olympics. (ANOC Award).

Interesting facts about Monica

  • She has a dog called "Rio"
  • Enjoys going to the beach
  • Enjoys relaxing at home, spending time with friends/family & spending time with her dogs.
  • Also enjoys reading and creative writing

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The latest Monica Puig news

Monica has announced a new team headed by Kamau Murray. She made the announcement on the social media platform “Twitter” and said “New team.. who dis?! So excited to have Kamau Murray in my corner! Also having my new fitness coach CJ, coach OG and hitting partner Austin by my side makes this squad even better! Big things are coming!”. To see the image she posted click here >

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Monica Puig arrives home to Puerto Rico after winning the Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


Check out this fantastic slideshow of Monica. She made history! (Below).


Monica & Maria hug after their match. (Monica Puig invitational).



Monica adores her dogs. This is Rio. She named the dog Rio due to her winning the gold medal at the Olympics.

Monica's dog "Rio"









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