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Naomi Broady is a professional British tennis player. Naomi’s favourite surfaces are the speedy hard courts that support her big serve and powerful range of groundstrokes. She is also very much at home on grass, another surface that compliments her modern tennis style.

  • Born - February 28, 1990 (Stockport, Cheshire)
  • Height - 1.89 m (6ft 2)
  • Nationality - British

Interesting facts about Naomi

  • Naomi has a sister called "Emma" Who is a couple of years older than Naomi, when Naomi was about 9 she started beating Emma at tennis, so Emma gave up tennis. 
  • Naomi is scared of flying
  • Naomi doesn’t like spiders nor pigeons. She says "especially pigeons".
  • Naomi supports Manchester City
  • Naomi Broady is 6ft 2 Tall
A picture of Naomi Broady at the US Open in 2016 against fellow British player Laura Robson.


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Many female tennis commentators say "Naomi Broady is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet"

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4th of February 2019 – On the 23rd of January 2019 at 10.45 pm, Naomi appeared on the BBC’s Question of Sport and her team won to see the image click here >

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Naomi has "Liked" many of Women's Tennis by Wayne's comments on her social media platforms. Here's an image of one of them. 
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