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Amanda Anisimova is an American professional tennis player who plays right-handed (two-handed backhand). Both Amanda’s parents were born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Amanda’s father is called “Konstantin”, and her mother is called “Olga”. She has a sister called “Maria Anisimova-Egee”. Amanda speaks English and Russian.

  • Born - 31st of August 2001 (Freehold, New Jersey, USA)
  • Height - 5ft 11 in (1.8m)
  • Nationality - American
  • Residence - Aventura, Florida, USA
  • Clothing worn - Nike
  • Racket sponsor - Head


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Amanda Anisimova in action

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21st of January 2019 - Amanda Anisimova managed to reach the last 16 of the Australian Open but was knocked out of the tournament in straight sets to Petra Kvitova 6-2 6-1. She posted two pictures of herself on Instagram, saying "I got a tennis lesson today, but at least it was from one of the best in the world hey (emoji's) really though I had such an enjoyable week here, thank you so much for being such an amazing crowd. I am so looking forward to next year Melbs. (emoji). Hashtag believe, hashtag cloud nine over". (emoji). To view the post click here >

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