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Anastasija Sevastova is a professional Latvian tennis player. She was born and raised in Liepaja, Latvia. She was introduced to tennis at the age of 6 by her grandmother.

She is an aggressive baseliner, with her favourite shot being the backhand and her favourite surfaces are the hardcourts and clay.

She speaks Latvian, English, Russian and German. Her other sports interests are: soccer and jet skiing.

  • Born - 13th April 1990 (Liepaja, Latvia)
  • Height - 5ft 7" (1.69m)
  • Racket sponsor - Yonex
  • Nationality - Latvian
  • Grand Slams won (0)


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Off the court 

Her favourite - 

  • Movie is Lord of the Rings
  • Actor is Tom Hanks
  • Artists are Beyonce, Jay-Z and James blunt





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