Chair umpire's

The chair umpire is often situated in a tall chair at the centre of the court, behind a net post. The player's benches are to either side of the chair. From this position, the chair umpire calls the score of the match to the players and spectators between points.

Some names of popular Women's Tennis Umpires/Female Tennis Umpires

  • Alison Hughes
  • Eva Asderaki-Moore
  • Kader Nouni (Male) - Date of birth - 23rd February 1976
  • Mariana Alves
  • Marija Cicak
  • Marijana Veljovic
  • Zhang Juan
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Eva Asderaki-Moore
Kader Nouni (Male).
Marija Cicak
Mariana Alves
Women's tennis umpire
Zhang Juan
Female tennis umpire Zhang Juan