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Magdalena Rybarikova is a Slovak professional female tennis player who plays right-handed (two-handed backhand). She started playing tennis at the age of 8. Her favourite surfaces are the grass and hardcourts. Her favourite shot are her serve and the forehand.

She is coached by Peter Huber and her fitness coach is Kristian Cupak.

Her Fathers name is Anton (who retired after working in power stations). Her Mother is called “Maria”. She has two siblings, Filip and Nada, she also has a dog called “Dolar”.

  • Born - Piestany, Slovakia
  • Coach - Peter Huber
  • Height - 5ft 11 (1.80m)
  • Nationality - Slovakian
  • Turned professional - 2005

She broke into the top 30 for the first time in September 2017 and in March 2018 she reached world No.17.

First WTA Title

Magdalena won her first WTA Title at the Edgbaston Priory Club, Birmingham. (UK) in 2009.


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Magdalena's favourite - 

  • Food is - Sushi
  • Drinks - Water & iced tea
  • Movie - Pretty Woman
  • Actors - Richard Gere & Tom Cruise
  • Group - Coldplay
  • Cities - New York & Paris
  • Tournament - Wimbledon & US Open

Magdalena admires Roger Federer for being a great player and person; also admires Martina Hingis. If she was not a tennis player she would play another sport. (As loves all sports).

Lucky charm is a "Toy Turtle".







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