Women's Tennis Rookie Trading Cards

Women’s Tennis by Wayne collect rookie trading cards and we thought we’d share our collection with you. Every rookie trading card that we put onto our website, we describe accurately.

None of these trading cards are for sale. They are solely so you can see what different varieties of rookie tennis trading cards look like, pictures, information etc.

If you have any women's rookie tennis trading cards that you want to get rid of or trade with us, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

We have thousands of trading cards mainly Match Attax & Adrenalyn XL which include: limited editions, hundred clubs, special foils etc etc.

For example

If you have a rookie tennis card that is in new/mint/near mint condition, we would be prepared to swap it for a football card(s).

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Come back

Please do come back and have another look at this page as we will be continuing to add cards when we get them. (We have cards on order at present).

Please do not steal our images, as they're our property, and it's naughty.


Disclaimer: Please note that on some trading cards the information may be slightly different to today. This is because the players are older now than when the cards were made.