Women's Tennis Swatch Trading Cards

Women's Tennis by Wayne collect women's tennis trading cards including swatch cards and we thought we'd share our collection with you. So you can see the different types of material trading cards that are available, players, pictures, information, etc etc.

Please note that none of these trading cards are for sale.

We do have a trading card swap facility click here.

All these trading cards on this page and on our website are the property of Women's Tennis by Wayne. (WTbyWayne).

Please do not steal our images as it's naughty.

We hope you enjoy browsing our collection and if you have found anything useful please feel free to share this page on social media.

Pop back

By all means please do come back as we are continuously adding new tennis cards such as: Rookie cards, limited edition cards, special cards, match-worn cards, material cardsswatch cards etc etc on a regular basis.

Images: Swatch Trading Cards

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the information on the trading cards may be different from today as the players are older now than when the cards we're made.