What is a tennis grand slam?

The Grand Slam tournaments – The Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon & the US Open. Also known as the Majors. Are the four most important annual tennis events.

They also offer the most ranking points, offer the most money, public and media attention.

The four Grand Slam tennis tournaments are:

  • Australian Open, Australia, Melbourne (First Grand Slam of the year).
  • French Open - France, Paris (Second Grand Slam of the year).
  • Wimbledon - England, UK, Wimbledon (Third Grand Slam of the year).
  • US Open - United States, Flushing Meadows, Queens, New York (Last Grand Slam of the year).

In Women's Tennis they play the best of 3 sets. (The first to win two sets wins the match).

When do they play the Grand Slams?

  1. The Australian Open is played in the middle of January
  2. The French Open is played in May and June
  3. The Wimbledon Championships are played in July
  4. The US Open is played in August and September

How long does a Grand Slam last?

The Grand Slam events are played over a period of two weeks.

Grand Slam tennis winners

Who has won the most women's tennis grand slams?

Answer - Margaret Court (24)

Who has won the most women's tennis grand slams in the open-era?

Answer - Serena Williams (23)

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What is a golden grand slam in tennis?

Answer - It is when one player wins all 4 Grand Slams in the same calendar year and also winning the Olympic Gold Medal.

Who has won a Golden Grand Slam in women's tennis?

Answer - Steffi Graf and Serena Williams



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