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What our readers have said about our website

To be honest I’m not really a great tennis fan however one evening I was chatting with me husband and the topic came up of Grand Slams in the Women’s Tennis game. My husband said “Margaret Court had won the most Grand Slams”, I completely disagreed with him and said “It’s Serena”. He then replied look it up then, so I did on this website. www.womenstennisbywayne.co.uk. 

After a few minutes I found the answer, oh dear my husband was right. I also found out what the open-era was too. I was “NOT” happy that my husband was right. But that’s life!

I thought it was only fair to contact Women’s Tennis by Wayne to thank them and suggested to them they should have some sort of review page for their readers. (They kindly replied back and said “They would create one”).

Thanks San

We are working on this page.