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Links to external websites

When we put links on our website we review them first before we publish them.

We are not responsible for the content of external websites as we have no control over them. This is because we do not maintain them nor update them. (We cannot change them).

They may have also changed since we listed the links on our site.

If we find any external link(s) to be inappropriate we will remove them ASAP.

Our website content

We do our utmost to make sure that all content we publish is correct however there may be times when some content is inaccurate due to the female tennis world changing on a regular basis.

If you find that some content is inaccurate please let us know and we will correct this ASAP.

Website content that others send in to us

We check all content that others send into us. We will publish the content on our website if we believe it to be suitable.

If however we get complaints about certain content, we Women’s Tennis by Wayne will look at what has been written again and decide whether we remove this or not (at our discretion).

If we legally have to remove specific content we will do so without hesitation. We will fully comply with all laws.

Please note content sent in by others is their opinion(s) not ours.






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