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Johanna Konta is a British professional tennis player who represented Australia until 2012. Johanna was born in Sydney, Australia. Johanna was introduced to tennis at the age of eight at an after-school programme.

Her mother and father are both Hungarian who emigrated to Australia separately. Her mothers name is Gabriella and her fathers name is Gabor. Jo also has an elder sister called "Eva" from her fathers previous marriage.

  • Born - May 17, 1991 (Sydney, Australia)
  • Height - 1.8m (5ft 11 inches tall)
  • Nationality - Australian, British, Hungarian

First WTA title

Konta won her 1st WTA singles title in July 2016 at Stanford, California. (United States of America).


A picture of Johanna Konta celebrating her victory over Belinda Bencic of Switzerland.
Johanna Konta on day 5 of the US Open, 2016

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16th of May 2019 - Johanna Konta has reached the Italian Open quarter-finals with a 6-2 6-4 win over Venus Williams - her second match of the day.

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What others have said about Jo (Below)

A gutsy, exciting player. Makes our hearts race with expectation..... Poor girl... We want a female British Champion!!!!

Posted on the 11th of July 2017 by Eg.

She shows true grit in her game and if you have that in any life game you choose, you can not go wrong. She has had a varied life, living in different parts of the world, but that just makes you stronger. Go johanna!!,

Posted on the 11th of July by Ruth.




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